Wall Repairs in Montgomery County

Wall Rescue provides drywall repair to many areas of Maryland, such as North Potomac, Germantown, Poolesville and through out Montgomery County. Drywall repairs in North Potomac are very common and can sometimes be completed in one day. 

Wall Rescue also encourages Homeowners to try their hand at patching their own walls. Here are a few wall repair tips to get started:

Patching a hole in your wall can be easy, if you have the right products and the right tools. Purchasing the correct drywall patching products can be rather confusing. There are many varieties of drywall "Spackle" available. However, the word "Spackle" refers to a very light weight patching compound that would typically be used for filling a small nail hole. This is a common misconception and often leads to a very poor drywall patch. If it is a nail pop, a small hole in the wall, or a large hole in the wall. Joint compound is the correct product to use when repairing drywall. There are several types of joint compound some come pre-mixed and some come in a powdered form. For more information on Joint Compound Please read our post on Drywall Repair Tips.

When shopping in the big box home-improvement stores joint compound is located with the drywall section, not in the paint section.
Using the correct drywall knives is just as important as using the right joint compound. These knives will typically be located with the joint compound and other drywall products. They often will also have similar looking knives in the paint section as well but are not suited for finishing drywall.